Questions and Answers 

Q. How does the Assessor decide on the value of my property? 
A. The Assessor’s office gathers data on all properties in town, and compares it to properties that have sold or been rented as a basis of comparison.

Q. Can I come in and have my valuation reviewed? 
A. Surely. It is best if you call ahead at 265-4637 or email  to set up an appointment.

Q. Do I have to let the assessor see the interior of my house? 
A. No, that is your choice. If the assessor does not see the interior, then an estimate of value will be made.

Q. What can I do to have my taxes reduced?  
A. Taxes are proportionate to the value of one’s property, so one must take steps to reduce that value in order to bring taxes down.

Q. Why is there a two-part tax bill? 
A. This is because the Town’s fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.

Q. Properties should be assessed ‘fairly’. 
A. The state constitution defines ‘fairness’ for assessing purposes as being according to the ‘just value’ (market value) of a property.

Q. How is the tax rate set?  
A. The total taxes to be raised for the budget (determined by the Selectboard) is divided by the total taxable valuation of the Town (determined by the Tax Assessor) to determine the minimum tax rate. The assessor then sets a rate up to 5% higher than the minimum in order to cover errors, uncollected taxes, etc.


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