Public Works Q&A’s

Public Works Questions and Answers 
How do I get inert fill material for my property?  
During summer maintenance and construction projects, the Town of Kingfield Public Works Department offers to deliver free ditching material to residents when it is available. For more information contact the Road Commissioner.

I have a complaint about the condition of a road, what do I do? 
The town maintains some roads in Kingfield and others are maintained by the Maine Department of Transportation. You can call the Public Works Department with any concerns. If it is a State Road, please call MDOT’s office to notify them of the problem.

Posted Roads, what does this mean? 
Every year in the spring, the Town puts a weight limit on the roads so that heavy vehicles will not damage the roads while the frost is working its way out of the ground. The weight limit is: vehicle weighing over 23,000 pounds are prohibited, unless they have a town permit. Roads are generally posted from late February through May 1st.

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