Riverside Cemetery is situated along Route 27 before the Lords Bridge in Kingfield, a little north of the village.  This cemetery is known as the “old cemetery” with many stones dating back to the 1800’s and a deed given to the Town of Kingfield in 1826. The oldest marker is for Susan Jane Pillsbury born in Kingfield June 1816 and died January 1817 as well as John Dutton, one of the first pioneers in Kingfield who was buried November 1918.

Sunnyside Cemetery is also situated on Route 27 just as you head south outside of the village towards New Portland.  This Cemetery was established around 1848 (or at least that is the oldest marker of who was buried there).  The Town has a map of this cemetery dating back to 1909.

West Kingfield aka Durrell Cemetery situated on Blanchard Hill Road which has a total of 34 plots sold according to records in April 5th, 1843.  This cemetery was said to be a family cemetery with names of Curtis, Hollis, Trask, Bradbury, Trevelian, Oliver, Durrell, Pullen, Thompson, Knapp, Lander and Govern.  The oldest marker is for Joseph Knapp in who passed in 1832 at age 42.

Plots are available in the Sunnyside Cemetery for $500.00 each which includes perpetual care. 

Plots measure 18 feet wide by 13 feet deep. To purchase a lot please call the Kingfield Town Office.

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