Due to Damages and the cost of replacing the tables and chairs in Webster Hall the board of selectmen have voted to enact the following fee schedule as of July 15, 2013.

This fee will be paid DAILY for both profit and nonprofit functions.

Plastic chairs – $5.00 dozen

Blue cloth-top chairs  – $10.00 dozen

Tables – $3.00 each

Valid credit card information is to be supplied for renting any number of tables and/or chairs.   This form of a deposit will be returned provided no damage has occurred to tables and/or chairs.  If damage has occurred your credit card will be charged to replace tables and/or chairs.

It is agreed that the following fee structure be used for damaged items:

Plastic chairs – $25.00 fee     Blue cloth-top chairs  – $40.00 fee

Tables  – $100.00 fee

We currently have 93 plastic chairs, 20 blue cloth-top chairs and 18 tables.



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