Kingfield Waste Water Facility
Bryan Fitch, Superintendent
265-4637  or 491-2992


Do you offer private pumping service? 

Late Spring/Early Summer we offer a discounted rate to Kingfield Residents/Business Owners needing their tank pumped who are not on the public system. The Cost is $150.00 per 1,000 tank.

What needs to be done to have a private tank pumped? 

Call the Kingfield Town Office and ask to be placed on the pumping list.  The Town office will call you 2-3 days in advance to indicate that you must dig up and un-cover your septic tank.

How often should my tank be pumped? 

Have your tank inspected annually and pumped when necessary, 2 to 3 years -longer in some cases. Keep a record of pumping, inspections and other maintenance.  Have the septic-pumping contractor also perform a visual inspection for damage or potential problems.  Keep a record of pumping, inspections and other maintenance.

Should I be concerned about putting up a swimming pool? 

If you are putting in a swimming pool, keep at least 15 feet away from the drain field.

Are there chemicals safe for my septic system?  

Don’t put chemicals such as paint thinner, insecticides or gasoline down the drains. These will kill the bacteria that break down waste products in the tank. Antibiotics are bad, they kill essential bacteria.

Don’t use your toilet or drains as a trash can by dumping nondegradables down them. Also, don’t poison your septic system and the groundwater by pouring harmful chemicals down the drain. They can kill the beneficial bacteria that treat your wastewater. Keep the following materials out of your septic system:

Nondegradables: Grease, disposable diapers, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, plastics, rubbers, etc.    Poisons: Gasoline, oil, paint, paint thinner, pesticides, antifreeze, antibiotics, etc.

Take leftover hazardous household chemicals to your hazardous waste collection day for disposal.  Use bleach, disinfectants and drain and toilet bowl cleaners sparingly!

Don’t use commercial septic tank additives. These products usually do not help and some may hurt your system in the long run.

Are there other things I should keep in mind to protect my septic system? 

Don’t allow anyone to drive or park over any part of the system. The area over the drain field should be left undisturbed with only a mowed grass cover. Roots from nearby trees or shrubs may clog and damage your drain lines.

Do not plant trees above or near a septic tank or drain field, the roots could interfere with the system. Plant only grass and flowers .




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