The Towns of Kingfield assists residents of Kingfield/Salem/Freeman with the General Assistance Program with basic necessities, such as:

* rent/mortgage
* fuel
* non-elective medical services
* telephone when medically necessary
* necessary work-related expenses
* clothing
* personal supplies and food.

This program continues to be a safety net for the most needy. The State reimburses municipalities 50% of the expenditures for this program.

General Assistance has developed into a program that makes recipients more accountable and encourages self-reliance. A person applying for this assistance is required to utilize all available resources, i.e. TANF, food stamps, Medicaid, fuel assistance, subsidized daycare, etc. With overall maximum levels of assistance being quite low, it is critical to network with local and area resources to access all available assistance.

Additionally, financial assistance is awarded annually for help with medical and other expenses. This money is generated through various trust funds held by each town and provides financial assistance with items such as:

* hospital expenses
* prescription drugs
* physician visits and dental emergencies.

Applications for these funds are available through this office and residents are eligible based on financial need.

 To apply please stop by the Kingfield Town Office Monday-Friday 8-4:30 

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